Wedding Planning: Mayan Ceremony

The Mayan wedding ceremony is a ritual of love in which the energies of the universe are invoked to bless the couple and their new life as husband and wife.

With the sound of a caracol (giant seashell), a circle is formed with the guests and the couple is placed in the center close to the altar, where the energy of the ceremony is concentrated. This is followed by another ritual symbolized with seeds; the Chile is offered to represent love and passion. The corn represents the sustenance. Beans or charcoal represents the path of forgiveness and honey means tenderness and compassion. Copal incense symbolizes the purification of each to leave everything behind and start together a new stage of their lives. The ceremony concludes by the exchange of alliances and vows with the whole family participating by playing musical instruments.

This package includes: The spiritual blessings of a Mayan Shaman, traditional flowers and all elements that are necessary to make this event a divine and unforgettable experience.



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