Tulum is a true gem on the Caribbean coast of Mexico that attracts thousands of travelers every year


Located about 150 km south of Cancun, Tulum is accessible and getting known for its outstanding eco- tourism and hippie-chic clientele. Characterized by its kilometers of immaculate white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and tropical-organic inspired architecture, Tulum offers a wide range of eco-chic hotels, secluded cabanas that sit right on the sand, and restaurants with contemporary and international cuisine that will please any #foodie palate. The jungle and cenotes (natural fresh water cave holes) of Tulum are special treasures that continue to impress travelers and divers from around the globe.

Tulum “locals” are mostly a melting pot of Mayans, worldwide ex-pats, and temporal Mexicans from the capital and other Mexican cities, all living harmoniously in a peaceful community.

Still quite small but growing every year, Tulum also offers fun nights out with live local bands, hip bars, and annual events.

The wellness community is effervescent as Tulum is becoming a destination known for its holistic treatments, personalized retreats, and well-being community.